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Generate PlantUML

1. Generate PlantUML ERD content

dbterd run -t plantuml -ad "samples/dbtresto" -s schema:dbt.mart 2023-05-06 08:17:54,413 - dbterd - INFO - Run with dbterd==?.?.? ( 2023-05-06 08:17:54,715 - dbterd - INFO - target/output.plantuml (

2. Wrapping UML up to the web server

  • Go to PlantUML Web Server
  • Paste the PlantUML content generated as above
  • Wait for a second and get the URL

3. Embeded the PlantUML URL into Markdown



Known LimitationšŸ’”

  • Plant UML connectors seem not to support to indicate the columns which are related to the Relationship
  • Left the question "How to automate the markdown image URL generated?" opened