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CLI to generate Diagram-as-a-code file (DBML, Mermaid, PlantUML, GraphViz, D2) from dbt artifact files

PyPI version python-cli License: MIT python codecov

pip install dbterd --upgrade Successfully installed dbterd restart ↻

Verify installation:

dbterd --version

For dbt-core Users

It's highly recommended to update dbt-artifacts-parser to the latest version in order to support the newer dbt-core version which would cause to have the new manifest / catalog json schema:

pip install dbt-artifacts-parser --upgrade

Quick examine with existing samples

  • Play with CLIs:
Click me
# select all models in dbt_resto
dbterd run -ad samples/dbtresto
# select all models in dbt_resto, Select multiple dbt resources
dbterd run -ad samples/dbtresto -rt model -rt source
# select only models in dbt_resto excluding staging
dbterd run -ad samples/dbtresto -s model.dbt_resto -ns model.dbt_resto.staging
# select only models in schema name mart excluding staging
dbterd run -ad samples/dbtresto -s schema:mart -ns model.dbt_resto.staging
# select only models in schema full name dbt.mart excluding staging
dbterd run -ad samples/dbtresto -s schema:dbt.mart -ns model.dbt_resto.staging

# other samples
dbterd run -ad samples/fivetranlog
dbterd run -ad samples/fivetranlog -rt model -rt source

dbterd run -ad samples/facebookad
dbterd run -ad samples/facebookad -rt model -rt source

dbterd run -ad samples/shopify -s wildcard:*shopify.shopify__*
dbterd run -ad samples/shopify -rt model -rt source

dbterd run -ad samples/dbt-constraints -a "test_relationship:(name:foreign_key|c_from:fk_column_name|c_to:pk_column_name)"

# your own sample without committing to repo
dbterd run -ad samples/local -rt model -rt source
  • Play with Python API (whole ERD):

    from dbterd.api import DbtErd
    erd = DbtErd().get_erd()
    print("erd (dbml):", erd)
    erd = DbtErd(target="mermaid").get_erd()
    print("erd (mermaid):", erd)
  • Play with Python API (1 model's ERD):

    from dbterd.api import DbtErd
    dim_prize_erd = DbtErd(target="mermaid").get_model_erd(
    print("erd of dim_prize (mermaid):", dim_prize_erd)

    Here is the output:

        varchar prize_key
        nvarchar prize_name
        int prize_order
        varchar fact_result_key
        varchar box_key
        varchar prize_key
        date date_key
        int no_of_won
        float prize_value
        float prize_paid
        int is_prize_taken

πŸƒCheck out the Quick Demo with DBML!

Contributing ✨

If you've ever wanted to contribute to this tool, and a great cause, now is your chance!

See the contributing docs CONTRIBUTING for more information.

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